Sabrielle Augustin


Music Assistant and Score Preparation: Sky Children Of The Light (2017)

Sound Design & Composition: I Expect you to die 2 (2021)

Composition & Violin Performance: THU Survival Guide (2017)

Composition & Sound Designer: Tyto Ecology (2015)

Sound Design & Composition: Lost Recipes (2021)

Violin Performance: Farpoint VR (2016)

Composition: Ginkgo & The Celestial Mirror (2018)

Composition & Sound Designer: Tyto Online (2015)

Compilation Showcase 2010-2020: 18-Minute Journey (Porto, Portugal 2020)

Music Beginnings: FantasygirlIX & BlackoutIX (2010)
Launched my musical journey with these releases.

Lone's Heart: Most Engagements (2024)

Stætus Önë: Most Comments and Engagements (2023)

Cease Fire: Second Highest Comments and Engagements (2023)

Royal Glide, Lady Schell's Rebirth: Last Composition of 2023, Entered Hiatus

School Project: Animation Film Score (2011)


Sabrielle graduated from Berklee College of music with a Bachelor of Arts in film scoring and a minor in interactive music. She has been classically trained as a violinist from the age of 3 and is a self-taught pianist.Moving around a lot growing up Sabrielle grew to appreciate multicultural influences. She has lived and worked with teams in Porto, Portugal; Scotland; London, England; Egypt; Hong Kong; Indonesia; Chongqing, China, and South Korea.Her compositions have been credited on games and animated films/shorts developed by Thatgamecompany, Immersed Games, Impulse Gear, Humble Games, Systence Games, Schell Games, Jump Willy Studio, Trojan Unicorn, Rollickin and Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.Sabrielle has performed at the Boston Symphony Hall, The Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, Berklee's Musical Theater Orchestra, and recorded for media films and games such as “Spinning Man”, and Farpoint VR.When not performing or composing, Sabrielle works on her own studio, Asmeriecharm. A multimedia personal passion project that she launched in 2022 where she self-published her own interactive pedagogy children’s book, Emeradia which also comes with its original Soundtrack.She values empathy and inclusivity, aiming to connect with others respectfully and meaningfully.

Music Reviews

These reviews kept me going! Some of my favorite online listeners from my past have commented on my work through my pages on Soundcloud, YouTube, and Facebook. Please excuse some of the usernames below (lol).
“I like to call this scientific music genre. It gives off a vibe in your brain that can't be explained. We need more music like this. Thank you :)” - Ice.E.wiener.“Hey man, I love this song. Music like this gives me memories or something. It's a bit strange but nice” - 101unknown101“Thanks for getting me through my homework every night :) You're the best ;) (Btw: Heaven Tree Sketch is Amazing!!!)” - ALegitCookie“Hi! I've been a big fan of your music and have been wanting to make music/compositions similar to yours. I love how they tell stories. Do you have any suggestions on how to start? Your songs seem so complex and layered. Keep up the music :)” -Tojou“Your music reminds me of Ghibli soundtracks. Your tracks are so pretty and professional sounding. I love them” - 3pm.mp3“This is so moving :) The intro really sets the mood, and then elaborating and giving the piece a more sense of movement is so satisfying. I love this <3 Btw, how are you recording?” - PianoSalmon“Ur so inspiring, if I had time, I'd orchestrate this, ur like my fav musician”- DestinyQx“This is really nice! Sort of reminds me of a mix of Masashi Hamauzu and a bit of Hitoshi Sakimoto” - James Battams“I love your style! Keep it up man! Cheers from Houston.” - Kidate💥“Hey! (Private) linked your music on Twitter, and I'm glad I followed it! This is really fun music! There is so much LIFE in it! I expect to see the music roll over the green grass, spouting out music plants along the way that play your music. It's beautiful.” -Niffendom“This is cool. I love your style of music.” - LeoDorain“This is such a beautiful piece, I never get tired of listening to it!!” - nicknika“This is amazing… I may be wrong, but in this song, it's like I felt Final Fantasy II's map theme, Kingdom Hearts's "Dearly Beloved" with a sprinkle of Golden Sun in there. Not the tune, just the spirit and feeling, it's like that was the feeling the composer made when doing this. (Ahh dammit, you've made me feel all deep and stuff! XD lol)” - Deztructicus“I hope you went on to make VGM professionally :)” - Swisschocolatist“Hey, I run a podcast about obscure music online called (Private). If you're comfortable with it, I'd love to share some of your music on there? Also, do you have social media? I'd love to follow u because I looooooooooooooooooooooovvveee your music" - Wabi“I listen to this song every night now when I go to bed, and it makes getting asleep so much easier. Thanks for this.” - nickaaronyoung“Ok, so I come here, and you suddenly unleash this massive wave of AWESOMENESS your YT page with your music XD Starting with this bundle of joy haha! Loved it. Thanks for sharing :3” - GenesisBmusic“This is great! Is there ever going to be any sheet music?” - Swisschocolatist“Seriously in love with your music" - Tojou”Very beautiful <3" - Iñigo Del Valle“Is it okay if I use some of your songs and post it to ROBLOX? I will mention your name as the author of this song :3” - A-LONE“Phenomenal.” - cAm“1000/10” - Meskiton“So warming tune and nice effect video its so simple but its great :]”- Fiz noble“I just love your music <3 it works REALLY powerfully on my imagination and thus helps with drawing… thanks :)“ - Swisschocolatist“Makes me wanna be all poetic :D” -Shiningpaladin“Such a charming piece. Very melancholic and refined. I like how it gets its point across with simplicity. Again, it feels like it would work great in a film soundtrack.” - MaverickArrowMusik“Simply beautiful :)” - SabrinaValenzuela“All of your music is so beautiful!! I’m disappointed in myself for not finding it earlier!” - Xeno Sound_____Thank you to those who listened and for your support!

Over 110+ Reviews and Counting! Grateful for Reader Messages and Purchasers

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